Welcome to Save Wizards Guidebook
We're an unofficial guide made to help guide users through the basics of Save Wizard usage.
Save Wizard Guidebook
By: Save Wizard team & ROCKY_southpaw, proofread by ice9_ghost.

Getting Started

  • Save Wizard requires a USB device and a computer in order to be used.
  • The amount of slots (PlayStation accounts it can be used with.) is dependent on what version you buy. SaveWizard.net has three profile
    slots and TheSaveWizard.com has two.
  • The software is $59.99 USD regardless where you purchase it from.
  • Following your purchase, you'll be sent an email from Save Wizard at your PayPal email address with your key. You will enter the key through the initial setup process
    of the program. (After agreeing to the EULA)
  • Save Wizard is only supported on Windows. There is a beta version you can download for mac here.
Last modified 3yr ago
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